For a brand identity as unique as your business, crafted to suit the story you want to tell and the audience you want to attract.

Custom logo design – your logo is your first impression, so it needs to make a statement. One that captures the imagination of your customers and draws them in to learn more.

Colour palettes & typography – these form the foundations of your brand identity and bring everything together.

Brand board & style guide- this will outline everything we’ve talked about above, along with some mood board style images and patterns to set the tone for your brand.


It’s impossible to put a number on a project we haven’t discussed, but I also appreciate the importance of a budget.

I want to be as transparent as possible, so let’s make a deal. I’ll give you an example, but don’t hold me to it! Each project is different and will require different things, so it’s impossible to give a final figure until we’ve talked things through.

Example One – from £350

You’ll get a new logo, along with a brand board and style guide. This will tell you all about your new brand, your colour palette and font recommendations. You’ll get your files in vector, print and web formats.

Perfect for freelancers and small businesses who want to launch with a modern and cohesive brand that reflects their values, or those who simply want to update their outdated logo design.

I understand this can be a big investment for your business, so I’ve built my payment terms to take that into account. 

To book your job in with me, I’ll ask for a deposit up front. This is usually around 30% of the total quoted.

On bigger projects I may ask you to pay an additional 30% part way through the project (this will be detailed in your proposal).

Once the project is complete and your final invoice has been paid, I’ll send over all the files and documents you’ll need to start putting your branding to work. 

I am not VAT registered so there is no VAT to pay on my prices; this is definitely a benefit of hiring a freelancer rather than a big agency!

Great! If you’re reading this it sounds like you’re ready to get started on your new website!

All you need to do is drop me an email and I’ll handle things from there.

  1. Discovery
    I’ll get in touch to arrange a meeting or call to let us discuss your project in more detail. This is where you share your hopes, dreams and everything in between. Tell me your story. This will give me an opportunity to understand your business and your requirements a little better. This can also be done through email or web forms if you’d rather

  2. Preparation and Client Homework
    Once we agree to go ahead, I’ll send you my welcome pack, which includes all details and will help you get ready with a questionnaire to help dig into the soul of your brand. This includes gathering text, images and content, getting to the detail of your website as well as some info on target audience, USP, design preferences and any specific details you’d like to see.

  3. Mood board
    Using the things we’ve talked about, I’ll send you some images and ideas for your feedback. This will help me get a true idea of what it is you like and don’t like. 

  4. Initial Designs
    Based on your mood board feedback, I’ll start by sending you two or three different logo concepts. They might be quite different but it’ll help us both understand the direction you’d like to take. 

  5. Feedback – Design – Feedback – Design
    The chosen concept can the be revised and amended until you’re completely happy with it. The logo can also be developed into several variations for different applications (ie. a different colours to suit different backgrounds or with and without a tagline). You’ll also get a stamp or icon variation too.

  6. Delivery
    Once you’re happy with your new look, I’ll put everything together in a brand board and style guide for you. The brand board is similar to our original mood board but includes your final logo design and colour palette. The style guide is more in-depth and will show you the colour codes, font suggestions and finer details. You’ll get this and all your logo files once the final invoice has been paid.

  7. Putting your brand to work
    From here, you’ll have everything you need to start putting your new brand to work. If you’d like a little help applying it to things like your website, business stationary and promotional materials, I’m happy to offer an ongoing design service. 


If you like everything you’ve seen and read so far… how’s the perfect time to get in touch and talk about your project. Drop me a message here or an email with your idea and we can take it from there.