Educating, empowering and inspiring you to do it yourself and to do it with confidence.


Over my career I’ve managed pages with over 120,000 fans to pages just starting out. I’ve seen pages grow exponentially and learned a lot along the way.

So when I get asked if I can manage someone’s social media for them, I always have the same answer…

The best person to manage your social media presence is YOU. You’re the one working in your business, you’re the one that knows your business better than anyone. While I’m not going to run your pages and take over posting and engaging with your audience, I will educate and empower you to do it yourself and to do it with confidence.

Social Media Strategy and Coaching Package for Small Businesses

This month long programme of coaching and support will educate and empower you to take control and do your business justice in the sometimes overwhelming world of Social Media. So, here’s what we’ll do…

Step 1 – Getting Started
Before we dive in, I’ll send you your Step One Workbook too, with lots of questions to help me understand what your goals are and what challenges you face. Once you’ve sent that back to me, we’ll have a phone call, video call or in person meeting (if you’re local!) to dive into this document in a bit more detail.

Step 2 – Your New Strategy
After this meeting I’ll go away and put together a bespoke Social Media Strategy just for you and your business. It’ll include competitor analysis, feedback on your previous posts and tailored tips for engagement. Most importantly, it’ll lay out three key themes for your content – giving an overview of what you could and should be talking about and how to make them work for you. As well as sending you a document, I’ll present this all to you either on a video call or in person.

Step 3 – Implementation
Once you’ve got your hands on your new strategy, it’s over to you, but you’re not alone! About a week in we’ll have a catch up to see how you’re getting on. It’s here I’ll help you build it into an actionable content schedule for the first few weeks.

Step 4 – Review
Once you’ve had your new strategy for a month, we’ll have another catch up to look at how it’s been working for you. We’ll look at if anything needs tweaking or changing and we’ll talk about how you can take it forwards.

PLUS – You’ll get unlimited support via Email / WhatsApp throughout the whole process, so if you’ve got a quick question or just need a sense check, you’ve got me on hand.

Package Price – £350


I understand this can be a big investment for your business, so I’ve built my payment terms to take that into account. 

To book in with me, I’ll ask for a 50% payment up front. 

The final instalment is then due once you receive your strategy and before we start on the coaching calls.

I am not VAT registered so there is no VAT to pay on my prices; this is definitely a benefit of hiring a freelancer rather than a big agency!


If you like everything you’ve seen and read so far… how’s the perfect time to get in touch and talk about getting started. Drop me a message or an email here.