Villa hunnypot BRANDING

Villa HunnyPot is a family owned vacation villa in Florida. The family have a deep rooted love for Winnie the Pooh, which is the inspiration behind their name. It’s been owned by the family since 2004, and on the 14th anniversary of purchasing the villa, they decided it was time for a little revamp.

That’s where Sproutworks came in – to work on a rebrand, new website and to create and implement a whole new marketing strategy.

Before they came to me, they had a hand drawn logo and a very dated and text heavy website. As much as they loved the essence of the brand, they could see it was time for a change.

I kept many elements of their branding the same – the honey pot in the background and the backwards N (just like Pooh spells it) for example. But the font and the design of the pot itself have all had a complete overhaul.

The colour scheme has been kept bright and fresh, to match the summer feel of their holiday home, and the typefaces clean and easy to read.

The addition of the bumble bee was just a bit of fun really – it’s a family place, after all!