Redefining Analytics: 4 Privacy-First Google Alternatives (and my top pick)

As conversations around user privacy intensify, businesses are seeking analytics solutions that prioritize privacy without compromising the quality of insights. This is my run down of four alternatives to Google Analytics, each of which embodies the ethos of privacy-first analytics, offering you quality data while respecting your visitors’ privacy… plus my top pick and personal […]

Immersive and emotive ancient secrets

Celtic Secret

A client with a big vision. To tell a story, engaging users and winning over their hearts and minds. Using full-page design with scroll snapping, visitors are plunged into an immersive story-telling experience.

A text-heavy portfolio that feels light as a feather

Sam Shaw

Sam was looking for a subtle personal brand to showcase her extensive portfolio of written features, editorials and content. A text-heavy portfolio with limited visuals to play with called for a subtle yet classy brand identity and website design.

Pixel perfection with interactive easter egg games


SoContent is a modern approach PR Agency, brimming with character and playful energy. When it came to building their website, the design came with a request for something a little bit extra in the development.

It’s all in the detail

Contour is a team of strategic, idea-led creatives specialising in brand strategy, identity and digital design to transform companies, products, people and brands.

Why you should consider switching to dark mode

Laptop showing dark mode

If you’ve been exploring my site, your attention may have been drawn to the little moon icon in the bottom left of the screen. Have you clicked it yet? This little button toggles the site between light mode (white background with black text) and dark more (black background with white text). It’s a feature that’s […]

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