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Website build

In collaboration with Contour Design Studio

SoContent is a modern approach PR Agency, brimming with character and playful energy.

Adam and the team at Contour developed a Neo-Retro themed identity for SoContent, which can be scaled back for a more corporate client, or ramped up to use lots of pixel icons, silliness and games for the enjoyment of others.

Adam presented me with a fully designed website and a request for something a little bit extra in the development.

As a result, the website is full of easter eggs – silly links, pixel dogs, games, and interactive elements, designed to reward curiosity and get a giggle from the sort of people SoContent love to work with.

SoContent - Game Over

Easter eggs and an interactive game

An integral part of SoContent’s branding is their pixel dog. The design Adam presented had several of these dogs sitting throughout the site. Sure, it was cute, but I was convinced we could give them a purpose.

If you head to their website and click on one of those dogs, you’ll see a counter appear in the header, counting exactly how many dogs you’ve found. Find them all and you’ll be directed to a hidden page and an interactive game.

This element adds a really fun layer to their website without detracting from the design or functionality of the website itself.

SoContent Page

Client comments

[The team] has been awesome from day one. The gang has gone above and beyond to understand who we are, driving a far more real end-game 😉 to our website. They have pushed us to explore and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves along the way. The team has not only delivered, it has honestly helped hone our direction too. Best bit, is that behind the scenes they have been excited to work with us, exploring epic interactions and moments whilst also remaining true to SoContent.

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