Beautifully crafted bespoke websites that launch small businesses on a path to achieve great things​

I'm a Creative Developer bringing together design and functionality

Laura’s career has found her working with education institutions, charities and elephants (honestly), across a range of digital tools and platforms. We’re yet to find an idea for a web build that Laura isn’t able to bring to life.
A HTML, CSS and Javascript superstar, Laura’s creative background brings a rare bonus to a developer’s skillset - she cares about aesthetics as much as clever coding. This means our websites are beautiful and functional, but the thing that is easily missed by other teams - they're easy to use too.

Working with agencies, freelancers and brands.​

I get it. Creating and maintaining a website can feel like a frustrating and complicated experience, but it doesn’t have to be.

Whether it’s a full design and build of a new website, taking something old and polishing it up or white-label development… I can turn complex concepts and perplexing problems into simple, beautiful and functional websites.

I’m not just a web designer but I’m not a full-stack developer either. I’m a Creative Developer. My power lies in my ability to build creative solutions to problems and weave clever details seamlessly into my builds. Form and functionality, perfectly balanced.

I’m also proud to work with a network of other creatives, so no matter what you’re looking for, I’ll always be able to pull together the perfect team for you.

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