About Sproutworks

I'm here to take the stress out of building and maintaining your website.

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Laura Ockenden Sproutworks
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Creative developer.
Website builder.
Problem solver.

I’m Laura. The human behind Sproutworks. Working remotely, based in Lancashire.

With experience in communications, marketing, social media and design, my 15+ year career has seen me work with charities, educational institutions and even elephants.

I now run Sproutworks full-time, creating beautifully functional websites directly for clients or as part of a wider creative team.

The things I do – Bespoke WordPress builds. Integrated e-commerce, membership or ticketing solutions. Form and function in equal measure. Hosting and ongoing maintenance. Comprehensive training and handover. Keep things simple, even then they’re not.

The things I don’t do – Work wth Divi. Overdose on plugins. Promise something I can’t deliver.

Still got questions?

Can you help with branding and design too?

Sure, I can design... but I prefer to stick to what I'm really good at. Lucky for you I know some awesome designers that we can work with.

What exactly do you do?

Bespoke WordPress builds

Build integrated e-commerce sites

Complex functionality like membership systems or ticketing

GDPR and Cookie Law compliance

Integrate CRM forms to capture leads

Take care of accessibility requirements

Handle technical SEO, structures and meta data

Is there anything you don't do?

Build with Divi

Use off-the-shelf themes

Use Wix or Weebly

Promise something we can't deliver

I've already got a website, can you still help?

Sure - I can work with existing sites to improve them or fix any nasty bugs you might have lurking in the shadows. Whether it’s WordPress, Shopify or something else entirely (exceptions apply, see above) I’ll happily jump in and help.

What happens after launch?
Once you’ve launched your new site, we can keep taking care of things. From updates to performance, hosting to security, you’ll never need to worry about a thing.​
What's it going to cost?
How long is a piece of string? It's impossible to quote without knowing the ins and outs of a project - but to give you a ballpark, a basic 5 page website with no advanced functionality would start at around £1,500.
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